This morning during whole school worship, we revisited our school Christian values and British values and discussed why we have values. We follow the British values of democracy, rule of law, tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, mutual respect and individual liberty in and out of school so that we can feel safe, happy, valued and free to be ourselves. We also reflected on our school vision and the meaning behind ‘Life in all its fullness’ and how Jesus wants us to life live in all its fullness and what that means. We had some great suggestions from the children such as: To be happy, to live your life how you want, not copying others, to show kindness to everyone, to live your best life and to show our Christian Values. We thought about how we can be like Jesus, by showing our Christian values in school and within our community. We thought about the importance of respect and how we can show respect to all those around us. The children enjoyed watching children in another school perform a rap all about respect. Finally, we thought about what makes up our personal identity and what makes you, you by playing some fun thumbs up, thumbs down games to show that we are all different and unique and that is brilliant. Our Year 6 children are looking forward to learning more about our British values, in particular democracy and the rule of law when they visit the Houses of Parliament this Wednesday.