This morning, Rev Ben led our worship. We began by playing a quiz. The children were split into team 1 and team 2. Rev Ben shared a variety of gate pictures and asked where they were from. Gates included Buckingham Palace, Arc de Triomphe, Ewood Park and Whitehall Park. Well done to Team 1. Rev Ben shared how Jesus is the gate. Rev Ben asked the children to think about what a gate is for and what we think Jesus is saying about himself. Tristen said a gate is about letting people in and out. Harlee thought the gate is there for Jesus to look after people. Jesus is the gate to protect his followers and to keep them safe. Rev Ben shared a photograph of the Thames barrier. It was built to stop parts of London flooding. If there is a high tide, the gates rise and stop parts of London from flooding. Christians believe that when we come to God, we face a barrier. The barrier is the things we have done wrong. However, Christians believe that Jesus takes away the barrier and creates a gate for us to walk through to God. Rev Ben invited the children to pray with him. At the end of our worship, we sang ‘Waymaker’.