Academy Terms & Holidays

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We open our classroom doors at 8.45am in order for children to take off their coats and bags and get settled ready for our official 8.55am start. 

School finishes at 3.30pm. 

The compulsory time that school is open per typical week is 32 hours and 55 minutes.

Term Dates- 2023-24

Friday 1st September: INSET day - school closed for children

Autumn 1: Monday 4th September - Thursday 19th October (INSET day Friday 20th October)

October Half term:  Friday 20th October- Sunday 29th October

Autumn 2: Monday 30th October- Friday 22nd December (break up early at 2.00pm)

Christmas holidays: Saturday 23rd December - Sunday 7th January

Spring 1: Monday 8th January - Friday 9th February 

Spring half term holidays: Saturday 10th February- Sunday 18th February

Spring 2: Monday 19th February- Thursday 28th March (break up early at 2.00pm)

Easter holidays: Friday 29th March- Tuesday 9th April (INSET day on 9th April) 

Summer 1: Monday 10th April- Friday 24th May 

Monday 6th May: May day bank holiday- school closed

Thursday 2nd May: INSET day- school closed for polling

Summer half term holiday: Saturday 25th May- Sunday 9th June

Summer 2: Monday 10th June - Friday 19th July (break up early at 2.00pm)

Monday 22nd July: INSET day - school closed for children