Image of Reception: Muddy Monday
8 Jul

Reception: Muddy Monday

Reception enjoyed our Muddy Monday session at Whitehall Park. After our growth mindset assembly today, we made sure we used our growth mindset instead of our fixed mindset to challenge ourselves and take risks. The children really engaged with this and it was wonderful to see how far they have come since they started with us. Well done!

Image of Year 3 - R.E. - Interview a Christian
8 Jul

Year 3 - R.E. - Interview a Christian

For R.E. this week we learnt all about what it means to be a Christian and what skills and qualities someone needs to lead by example. To do this we had an interview of a Christian, which Desmond volunteered for and gave some great answers to questions the children in the class asked. We then wrote our own job descriptions looking for a Super Christian and thought about what responsibilities they might have and what kind of characteristics they would need.

Image of Growth Mindset Assembly
8 Jul

Growth Mindset Assembly

Today, our school had a very special assembly by Liz from Growth Mindset. The children explored the differences between fixed and a growth mindset. The children understood the advantages of growth mindset and how we can channel our growth mindset to overcome challenges and hurdles that we face daily. Liz shared a story about her uncle David who overcame many challenges to compete in the Para Olympic Games which demonstrated the powers of growth mindset. The children were faced with a variety of scenarios and shown how a growth mindset can help achieve and succeed. Just remember: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” A huge thank you to Liz from Grow Your Mindset!

Image of Fundraising - East Lancs Hospice
8 Jul

Fundraising - East Lancs Hospice

A huge well done to the whole of St Barnabas, we have raised a massive £277.30 for the East Lancs Hospice through our Hop, Skip and Jump event and our Barney's Got Talent Show. The money will be used to help care for those in need and will support the wonderful staff that do an amazing job within the health care system.

Image of Friday Celebration Worship- Whole School
5 Jul

Friday Celebration Worship- Whole School

Today, in celebration worship, we began by signing the Trinity and discussing the busy week. Mrs Ham thanked the children who sang at Blackburn Cathedral for the celebration of Cidari's 10-year anniversary. These children were recognised for demonstrating our Christian value of courage. All classes were praised for their transition day to new classes. They showed bravery and respect throughout. The class teachers presented value awards to the following students for always doing the right thing and trying their best in everything: Joey from reception, Harry from Year 1, Harry from Year 2, Darcy and Ivy from Year 3, Eden from Year 4 and Brooke from Year 5. Well done!. Year 1 and Year 4 won the attendance award this week. Well done for ensuring you are always in school, ready to learn. We also celebrated children for their extracurricular activities outside of school. Many showcased their trophies, medals and certificates in swimming, football, ballet, brownies, dancer for the year, gymnastics, performing arts, horse riding, Iron Kids Run, and lifeguarding skills. The Wellbeing warriors presented the children with walk to school badges and we sang' School Rules' which the children enjoyed. To conclude our worship, prayers were led by Lilly, Olivia and Mrs Ham.

Image of Year 5 - Bikeability
5 Jul

Year 5 - Bikeability

Year 5 took part in the first session of Bike Ability. The children learnt how to: ride a bike safely and sensibly, check their bikes are suitable for the road, ensure brakes are working and ensure they are conducting themselves in a safe manner. They then went out on their bikes with the instructors and learnt how to correctly use their bikes on the main roads.

Image of Year 1 Local Geography
4 Jul

Year 1 Local Geography

This week in history, Year 1 compared a map of Darwen Market St in the 1950s with a map of Darwen Market St in 2024. They spotted noticed lots of differences such as the high street used to have several tailors, shoe shops and banks. Whereas now we don’t have any of those and instead we have takeaways, supermarkets, bargain stores and charity shops. They did notice a similarity which was both the high street in 1950 and the high street now have a pharmacy.

Image of Year 1 Transition Day
4 Jul

Year 1 Transition Day

Reception enjoyed their transition day in Year 1. In the morning, they had computing, French and music sessions led by Junior Jam. in the afternoon, they explored the classroom. Miss Flynn read the children a story about a caterpillar called Cody who didn’t want to change into a butterfly but when she found the strength and courage to do so, she loved it. They learn that although change can seem scary, it can also be really exciting. The children then went on to make their own beautiful butterflies. They also accessed many other activities in the classroom such as making a house out of Lego or construction straws and putting their family inside so that Mrs Hegarty and I could get to know them, drawing themselves, making CVC words out of magnetic letters, colouring by number and building using the multi link.

Image of Online Safety: Online Trolling
4 Jul

Online Safety: Online Trolling

Sadly, it can be all too common to encounter mean-spirited comments online – but we don’t have to give them the time of day. This week, our #WakeUpWednesday guide offers expert advice on safeguarding children against “trolling”. Download here >>

Image of Year 1 Transition Morning- Junior Jam
4 Jul

Year 1 Transition Morning- Junior Jam

As part of their transition morning in Year 1, the reception children enjoyed a music, French and computing session with Junior Jam.

Image of Reception: Rev Ben Visit
3 Jul

Reception: Rev Ben Visit

A huge thank you to Rev Ben for visiting our class this week. Rev Ben read a story from the bible all about the Holy Spirit. He told us how if we believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will live in us. Rev Ben asked 6 children to come to the front and dressed them in party hats. Pentecost is the birthday of the church. Christians believe that God’s present to us all to celebrate Pentecosts is the Holy Spirit. It is a superpower that lives inside of us all. Thank you to Rev Ben for giving up his time to teach our children.

Image of Reception: Our New Classroom
3 Jul

Reception: Our New Classroom

The children in Reception have loved our new outdoor canopy that was built last week. This has extended our classroom to provide an outdoor area that the children can access in all weathers. Our indoor classroom has also had a refresh and the children have loved exploring all of the areas!