Mrs Ham had a wonderful afternoon teaching the Reception class her favourite games of Elsa freeze, monkey tig and parachute games in PE. The children had to show super listening during the games, especially where they lifted the parachute up and then listened for their name to swap places by running underneath the parachute. They also had lots of fun with the colour monster teddies, showing the different feelings and moving the parachute like the different feelings. They particularly liked showing anger with the parachute as the teddies went flying. They also played cat and mouse with the parachute. 

The children then went on an outdoor adventure through the willow tunnel and onto the big school field. They played another listening game where they had running races across the field but they had to listen for Mrs Ham to say ready, steady, go, but she would trick the children by saying ready, steady googly eyes, grandma, gravy etc. What a super busy Friday, Reception class and a great end to your first full week in school. We are sure there will be some tired children this evening.