This morning, Angela who works at Darwen library visited school to invite us all to participate in  ‘The Summer Reading Challenge 2022.’ The challenge is free of charge and involves children reading 6 library books between 1st July and 30th September, including picture books and audio books. There are various prizes awarded for each book that is read and returned, and those who complete the challenge will receive a certificate and a medal. If your child completes the challenge, we would love for them to be bring these into school so that we can  present them during whole school celebration worship. 

Anglea told us that there is something for everyone at the library. However,  if there is a specific book that the children are looking for but they don’t have it, it’s her promise that they will get it for them on request. 

If your child does not yet have a library card, the library can quickly and easily enrol them as a library member for free and no ID is required. Children without library cards may still join the Summer Reading Challenge, please enquire at Darwen Library about this. 

We hope that as many of our children as possible will take on the challenge. Happy reading!