This morning we learnt all about the meaning of Remembrance Day.  We found out that some children pretended to be older so that they could become soldiers to protect our country. They were very brave. We learnt about Walter who became the first black British officer. The army changed their perception and looked at everybody as equal. Walter was a wonderful soldier and stood up for what was right. He didn’t give up and became a soldier. People came from lots of different countries and from lots of different religions to help our country to fight in the war. Some of the children discussed how we should treat everybody equally. The children said “we are all equal…you might need help so we need to be kind to everyone…we need to do the right thing”.  Women were not allowed to fight but now they are. Our children didn’t think that was fair. One lady called Flora managed to fight in the army and won a medal for her bravery. All of the soldiers showed the Christian values of courage and service. There are many memorials around the country to remember those who died in the war. Our children have been creating their own poppy artwork. Please take your children to go and have a look at the wonderful art work that the children have created in the rose garden at Whitehall park.