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‘Achieving great things through learning and growing together in a love-filled Christian family’

Religious Education

Mrs Araujo is our RE Subject Leader. She is passionate about RE and also leads our Worship Our Way (WOW) group. Each week they meet at lunch time to plan and evaluate worships, create prayer activities for lunch and break times and reflect on our school values. Rev David Bacon is our RE link Governor and he works closely with Mrs Araujo to monitor RE. He also leads our Worships regularly, plans RE activities at our church and takes an active part in several RE lessons each year.

At St Barnabas we believe that Religious Education encourages pupils to learn from different religions, beliefs, values and traditions, while exploring their own beliefs and questions of meaning. It challenges pupils to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith and ethics and to communicate their responses.
We aim to ensure that the Religious Education that we provide contributes to pupils’ personal development and well-being and to community cohesion by promoting mutual respect and tolerance in our diverse society. It also encourages them to develop their sense of identity and belonging.

EYFS RE Overview



Please have a look at the great things we have been learning in Religious Education!

The Bish

Advent Adventure in Whitehall Park

Mrs Govan, our Art Leader held an Art competition where children had to create images of the different parts of the Christmas story.

Rev David, Lorraine and Mrs Ham put the 24 winners art work up in the Rose Garden in Whitehall Park and each class went on an Advent Adventure.

The children had to find all of the pieces of Art and then discuss what each piece reminded them of such as a part of the story or a song. This led to some amazing spontaneous carol singing.

Bishop of Blackburn’s Harvest Appeal- sponsored walk for Tearfund


W/c 9th November 2020- Inter Faith Week

This year for Inter Faith Week, each class focused on a different religion and created Art from that religion. In Worship we focused on celebrating differences and respecting each other’s beliefs.

Reception, Year 1 and 2 focused on Hinduism

Year 3 focused on Buddhism

Year 4 focused on Judaism

Year 5 focused on Islam

Year 6 focused on Sikhism

Please have a look at the photographs of some of the great things we learnt.

‘The Big Frieze’ Project

As a whole school, we watched ‘The Big Story’. Each class then took a different concept of the story and created their own interpretation of Emma Yarlett’s ‘The Big Frieze’ Bible timeline. In Worship, each class presented their concept to the rest of the school and the canvases were display in our school hall.

“Achieving great things through learning and growing together in a love-filled Christian family”

Our ducklings created prayer stones, mobiles, flags and crosses to put in their new outdoor prayer space as part of their RE unit on prayer

Focusing on Jesus giving new life in Ducklings

Each class showcased in our Easter church service what they had been focusing as part of their Easter RE units. Year 6 led the service titled “The Greatest News Event Ever” in the style of news reporters and each class took a part of the story that they had been focusing on in Re lessons.

Our Year 6 children reflected and prayed for their hopes and dreams at the “Easter Experience” at our church. Thank you to our church team for a creative and thought provoking afternoon.

Our Holy week displays to remind us of events leading up to Jesus’ ressurrection

Our ducklings enjoyed remembering Jesus’ death by building crowns of thrones and crosses from a variety of construction kits.

Rev David visited several of our classes to teach them about Holy week and Easter symbols. The children enjoyed eating bread and grapes to symbolise Jesus’ body and blood that he shed for us all.

Our ducklings have been learning about Easter and the events of Holy week. They have been creating palm leaf weaving, eating hot cross buns, created crosses from the construction kits, sequenced and retold the events of Holy week, designed Easter bonnets, been on a new life hunt in the park, created chicks and designed Easter eggs.

Our interfaith displays from our interfaith week. Each class looked at a different faith and then showcased what they had learnt through a special interfaith worship and through displays

Year 5 have been learning about Islam so they invited some Muslim visitors into school to talk about their faith and the differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity

Celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights called Diwali in our Reception class as part of their topic ‘Let’s Celebrate’. They had lots of fun creating the tango like patterns, dressing in Hindi clothes, Hindu dancing and songs, making lanterns, playing in the indian Restaurant and worshipping at the Hindu shrine.

Some of our RE displays around school

Our class prayer and reflection areas. Our Wow group looked at them all and wrote evaluations with points for development and things they liked

Our whole school attended a wonder crossroads children’s celebration at Ewood Park as part of the crossroads mission. We all had a fantastic time watching puppet shows, dancers, singing, dancing and praying. It was a fabulous morning worshipping God

The infants had a wonderful time celebrating Eid with an Eid party. They learnt about why and how Muslims celebrate Eid, tried indian food, designed mosques, Eid cards, mendhi patterns and learnt Bollywood dancing.

Year 5 were captivated, learning all about prayer and teaching Islam at Jamiatul LLm Wal Huda in Blackburn.

Panda class had a wonderful Baptism in our church. They learnt all about the importance of Baptism and they had a lovely celebration afterwards in Whitehall Park

Religious Education throughout school. We celebrate lots of different celebrations from both Christianity and different faiths and cultures

The Ducklings worked collaboratively with the lions to share good news and talk about how we recieve good news

Year 2 have been learning about Diwali

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