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School Uniform Information

We wear our St Barnabas’ Blue uniform with pride, See below for details.


All children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 are expected to wear school uniform.
The St Barnabas’ uniform has been chosen so that it is reasonably inexpensive to purchase and easy to obtain. We want our children to look smart and to wear their uniform with pride. A high standard of appearance is usually an indication of good discipline, self-awareness, and responsibility. These are points which we believe it is important to emphasise to our children. The uniform consists of:

Boys – Winter
Pale blue shirt or school polo shirt with logo
Royal blue sweatshirt with school badge
Grey trousers
Grey or white socks
Smart school shoes (black – not trainers)

Girls – Winter
Pale blue blouse/shirt or school polo shirt
Royal blue sweatshirt with school badge
Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
Grey or white socks or grey tights
Smart school shoes (black)

Boys – Summer
Pale blue short sleeved shirts or pale blue school polo shirt
Grey trousers or grey shorts
Grey or white socks
Leather shoes or sandals
Royal blue school sweatshirt or Red sweatshirt for Y6 children

Girls – Summer
Pale blue blouse or school royal blue polo shirt
Grey skirt or shorts
Or royal blue and white checked dress
Royal blue school sweatshirt or cardigan or red sweatshirt for Y6 children
Grey or white socks
Leather shoes or sandals

PE Kit
Navy blue shorts
House colour PE T-shirt
Pumps or trainers for outdoor PE
Tracksuits and trainers may be worn during the colder weather.

Our Year 6 children are proud to wear red sweatshirts – they are buddies to our younger children and ambassadors for the school

Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, PE T-shirts and book bags with our new school logo can all be purchased by local uniform providers:

  • Snazzy’s, Bridge Street, Darwen
  • Grays Schoolwear, Northgate, Blackburn
  • Whittakers Schoolwear, Church Street,Blackburn

Watches may be worn, but the school cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur.
For safety reasons, the wearing of jewellery is not allowed. We recommend that ear piercing should take place at the beginning of the summer holiday so allowing time for healing. During PE or Games lessons watches must be removed.

All clothing should be clearly labelled, and outdoor coats should have strong loops so that they can be hung safely on pegs. Coats without a loop for hanging tend to end up on the floor, or on the wrong peg. A clearly named draw-string bag should be provided so that PE kits can be kept safely. Bags should be of a reasonable size so that they are easy to store and don’t block corridors.

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